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  Preview : #1385541 Details
Romanian vegetarian dinner icon with cornmeal mush mamaliga served with fried potatoes and fresh tomatoes and cucumbers on the side, pickled cabbage salad, topped with cranberries fruits, vegetarian b
  Preview : #1385615 Details
Nutritious austrian dinner and viennese desserts icon with open sandwiches topped with liptauer spread, goulash and pork dumplings, baked pork with boiled potatoes and garlic sauce, cups of coffee wit
  Preview : #483528 Details
Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Couple Looking at a Boiling Pot With a Ghostly Head Above It
  Preview : #1408519 Details
Mexican cuisine spicy dishes icon with tortillas, burrito, tortilla sandwiches with beef and vegetables, nacho with tomato sauce salsa, boiled corn, bean stew, spicy eggs rancheros, chili soup
  Preview : #593968 Details
Clipart #593968
  Preview : #1385401 Details
Traditional mexican taco, filled with fresh vegetables and bacon, crunchy nachos, enchiladas, served with beans, tomatoes and melted cheese, chopped salad, beef and bean stew, green and red salsa sauc
  Preview : #1384180 Details
National cuisine of Brazil with black bean and meat stew, served with sliced orange and rice, spicy shrimps with chilli peppers, vegetable soup and lime cocktail with ice. Flat style icons
  Preview : #1686743 Details
Lunch and breakfast menu icon set with asian and turkish fish dishes, british egg and bacon, french apple pancake, chicken and balkan eggplant soup, fruit risotto, bean stew, lamb vegetable roast
  Preview : #1385475 Details
Omakase sushi platter flat icon served with traditional japanese dishes such as shrimp soba noodles, rice, topped with kobe beef, marinated prawns, grilled fish on skewer, noodle soup with corn, egg a
  Preview : #157850 Details
Clipart #157850
  Preview : #1117026 Details
Vegetarian dinner of canadian cuisine with poutine, french fries, cheese curds and brown gravy, vegetable stew with dumplings, butter tart and orange juice. Flat style
  Preview : #1587846 Details
Azerbaijani cuisine dinner with dessert icon of vegetable lamb stew, rice pilaf with dried fruit, fried chicken with cornel, chickpea lamb stew, meatball, fish pie, nut and honey baklava, omelette
  Preview : #1752844 Details
Spanish cuisine national dishes icon set of seafood tomato pasta, baked meat, ham tapas, rice paella, fried pork, vegetable salad and stew, bread and nut soup, chilli potato, fruit pie, egg dessert
  Preview : #1527575 Details
Indian cuisine icon with turkey curry, pilau, vegetable, meat and fish salad, soup with seafood, tomato and pea, chicken and salmon stew, fried shrimp and perch, rice dessert, mango yogurt drink
  Preview : #1752813 Details
British cuisine meat dishes icon set with vegetable meat stew, potato lamb casserole, meat pie, roast beef, yorkshire pudding, lamb veggies soup, milk porridge, honey pie and scones with jam
  Preview : #1408579 Details
Azerbaijani cuisine icon with grilled vegetables salad, dumpling soup, fish ball kofta, lamb vegetable stew, meatball bean soup, chicken cornel stew, lamb with pomegranate sauce, cold yogurt soup
  Preview : #1587840 Details
German cuisine Christmas dinner icon with pork sausage, cabbage mushroom stew with sausage, fried cheese potato with egg, potato bean soup with pork, goose with apple, cake stollen with fruits and nut
  Preview : #577634 Details
chef hat icon
  Preview : #1127734 Details
Silver ladle on white background
  Preview : #1608169 Details
French cuisine meat dishes icon with vegetable rabbit stew, beef stew with veggies and bean, chicken with salad, beef mushroom stir fry, baked pork with apple, carrot dip with toast, cabbage roll
  Preview : #1408852 Details
Greek cuisine lunch dishes icon with meat stew, garlic bread, stuffed grape leaf, tzatziki sauce, fish roe salad, eggplant roll, almond cake, beef and feta pie and honey cake with ice cream
  Preview : #1409213 Details
Turkish cuisine traditional dishes icon with vegetable and meat pie, bread, turkish coffee cup and pot, stuffed eggplant, bean stew, feta rolls, phyllo pastry with cheese filling, lentil soup
  Preview : #1680644 Details
Georgian cuisine dinner dishes icon with stuffed tomato with rice, cheese ball with mint, beef stew with plum fruit, walnut sauce, cabbage salad with nut, baked green bean, beef tongue mushroom salad
  Preview : #1531332 Details
Slow cooking crock pot isolated on white. Electric crock pot slow cooker. Electronic crock pot with display. Steamer or steam cooking chamber. Kitchen device. Cooking equipment. Vector in flat style
  Preview : #1493408 Details
Korean cuisine traditional grilled beef bulgogi icon with pork ribs in soy sauce, beef stew in daikon pot, blood sausage, starch noodle with beef, spinach shrimp, baked trout, pork tofu soup
  Preview : #1639001 Details
Dinner meal icon set of vegetable salads with meat and berry, beef and veggies stew, fruit desserts with cream and honey, baked veggies with cheese, pate, potato with mushroom and fish, cucumber soup
  Preview : #1409260 Details
French cuisine meat and fish dishes icon with cod with bechamel sauce, chicken with wine sauce, baked duck legs, rabbit roast, chicken rolls with shrimp, liver with honey and wine sauce, batter perch
  Preview : #1752580 Details
German cuisine festive dinner icon set of cabbage stew with pork sausage, potato bacon salad, baked goose, sweet bread and fruit cake, fish pie, fried cheese potato with egg, liver apple stew
  Preview : #1408858 Details
Polish cuisine restaurant menu banners set with traditional baked duck with mushroom sauce, sauerkraut soup, pork ribs, beet soup, meat stew bigos, beef roll with bacon, headcheese and nut cookie
  Preview : #1680607 Details
Indian cuisine chicken and fish curry icon served with rice, tomato sauce chutney on flatbread, spinach cheese soup, baked fish, cream dessert with fruits, chilli and potato stew
  Preview : #1541318 Details
Tatar cuisine dinner with dessert icon of baked chicken and lamb, vegetable lamb soup, fish baked in sour cream, meat patty, strawberry cream pie, cheese cake with fig, fried dough with honey
  Preview : #1839896 Details
Montenegrin Cuisine. European national dish collection. Balkan cabbage rolls isolated on white, infographic. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1698904 Details
Bulgarian cuisine tasty dinner icon of stuffed pepper with cheese and herbs, tomato paprika sauce, fish baked with tomato, potato onion pie, beef vegetable stew, grilled veggies, sweet lemon pie
  Preview : #1639014 Details
Lunch with dessert icon of pasta with tomato, sausage and cheese, vegetable and fish soups, seafood and lentil salads, sausage omelette, beef stew, chocolate mousse, lobster sandwich, cookie, pancake
  Preview : #1408516 Details
Moldavian cuisine dinner sign with dumplings with chicken stew, baked pork with pickles, goose noodle soup, stuffed chicken roll, potato salad, chicken noodle soup, cabbage salad, homemade noodles
  Preview : #1752613 Details
Indian cuisine healthy dinner icon set with chicken, fish and chickpea curry with rice, vegetable salad, lentil and tomato chutney, chilli potato stew, spinach, cheese, corn soup, fruit cream dessert
  Preview : #1686768 Details
French, mexican, russian cuisine dishes icon set of fish snack with salmon, herring and cod, burrito, salads with vegetable, meat, fish, cheese, vegetable sausage stew, pickle soup, cheese waffle
  Preview : #1763961 Details
Warning sign pork attention. Dangers yellow sign pig. Farm animal on red triangle. Set of road signs against ham. Attention bacon
  Preview : #1407556 Details
Russian and belarusian traditional national cuisine. Draniki and baked potato with onion, vereshchaka or machanka and kholodnik, okroshka and casserole, salad with red cabbage and babka, borscht and o
  Preview : #1541235 Details
Bulgarian cuisine dinner dishes icon of pork pepper mushroom stew, chili soup, potato meat casserole moussaka, cheese and pumpkin pies, cucumber yogurt salad, rice meatball with corn cob, cheese puff
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