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  Preview : #604065 Details
pages of holy koran and rosary at the book
  Preview : #1254797 Details
Relief panel in Borobudur Temple in Magelang, Central Java in Indonesia
  Preview : #688060 Details
Transfiguration Cathedral in Nicolo-Ugreshsky monastery near Moscow, Russia, East Europe
  Preview : #679660 Details
Angel girl wearing white embroidered dress and feathered wings is holding a red and green Christmas or brithday  present.
  Preview : #264770 Details
Historic church at Venezia San Marco. Horizontal shot.
  Preview : #1058564 Details
in europe greece a cross bel    the cloudy sky
  Preview : #319459 Details
Royalty Free Photo of the Notre Dame Cathedral, France
  Preview : #1075634 Details
building old architecture in italy europe milan religion      and sunlight
  Preview : #177831 Details
Royalty Free Photo of a Bronze Buddha Head from Thailand
  Preview : #1392970 Details
White Church in Thingvellir National park - famous area in Iceland, Iceland
  Preview : #1140468 Details
Colorful background for Holi celebration, vector illustration.
  Preview : #970750 Details
Japanese culture, history and cuisine flat designs with seafood menu, asian architecture, costume, musical and theatre symbols, nature landscape, bonsai and origami arts
  Preview : #1074011 Details
ancien clock tower in italy europe old  stone   and bell
  Preview : #425510 Details
Royalty Free Clipart Image of an Angel Bear
  Preview : #1026536 Details
old door in italy land europe architecture and wood the historical gate
  Preview : #994558 Details
bangkok in   temple  thailand abstract cross colors roof wat  palaces   asia sky   and  colors religion mosaic
  Preview : #744251 Details
Banteay Srei Temple main structures, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  Preview : #1680463 Details
Icon on the holy feast, in the form of colored hands and splashing.
  Preview : #594339 Details
Jewelery: golden cross with diamonds over black. Custom made and rendered
  Preview : #147511 Details
Image #147511
  Preview : #1477882 Details
window   in   bangkok in thailand incision of the buddha gold      temple
  Preview : #1346794 Details
blur in iran the old decorative flower  tiles from antique mosque like background
  Preview : #873124 Details
barrel of Tsar Cannon and Dormition Cathedral in Moscow Kremlin
  Preview : #1005470 Details
Mosque in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
  Preview : #307294 Details
Royalty Free Photo of the Church of Necessities Palace in Lisbon, Portugal
  Preview : #1145058 Details
castellanza blur lombardy   abstract   rusty brass brown knocker in a  door curch  closed wood italy   cross
  Preview : #1508774 Details
Silhouette of man on the edge. Conceptual design.
  Preview : #988722 Details
Old weathered gravestone in the cemetery - Sao Tome
  Preview : #1597768 Details
Petroglyphs carved in rocks. Stones with petroglyphs in the Chuya Steppe, Kuray steppe in the Siberian Altai Mountains, Russia
  Preview : #1544368 Details
blur  in south africa old  church  in city center of reinet graaf and religion building
  Preview : #1238006 Details
Set of business templates for brochure, magazine, flyer, booklet or annual report. Background for Indian Independence Day celebration with Ashoka wheel and national flag colors, vector illustration.
  Preview : #1133049 Details
Decorated with painted Easter eggs and bouquet of tulips on light background
  Preview : #1489630 Details
in iran blur colors from the windows the old mosque traditional scenic light
  Preview : #157110 Details
Image #157110
  Preview : #809563 Details
Superbly preserved Catholic monastery. The facade and main entrance. Portugal, Alkobasa
  Preview : #1252961 Details
Philippines  infographics, statistical data, sights. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1046950 Details
roof mosaic in the old city morocco africa and history travel
  Preview : #596691 Details
 St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral . St. Petersburg. Russia
  Preview : #604010 Details
pages of holy koran and rosary at the book
  Preview : #1114841 Details
british     in london england old construction  and religion
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