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Delicious cuisine flat symbol with top view of festive dinner with vegetable salad with spicy pork, tofu pasta, creamy mussel soup, broccoli and apple salad with nuts, stuffed bell peppers, cake with
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Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Bottle and Glass With a Snack
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Greek cuisine lunch dishes icon with meat stew, garlic bread, stuffed grape leaf, tzatziki sauce, fish roe salad, eggplant roll, almond cake, beef and feta pie and honey cake with ice cream
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Turkish cuisine traditional dishes icon with vegetable and meat pie, bread, turkish coffee cup and pot, stuffed eggplant, bean stew, feta rolls, phyllo pastry with cheese filling, lentil soup
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Snack and salad dishes icon with shrimp and fruit salad, stuffed pasta with tomato sauce, avocado salads with tuna, egg and pear, tomato feta salad, cauliflower cream soup and mashed potato with beef
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Dinner dishes with chocolate dessert icon set of baked duck, beef, seafood and pork with vegetables, pizza, vegetarian spring roll, cheese bread, healthy soups, chocolate mousse, vanilla cookie
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Delicious dishes for weekend menu icon with garlic chicken legs and grilled corn, tofu pasta, pork and apple salads, bread casserole, potato stew and stuffed peppers, fried artichoke and mussel soup,
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Grilled greek sardines, squid and mussels sketch icon served with pork gyros on pita bread topped with vegetables and tzatziki, flambe goat cheese with fries and plate of feta, fish roe salad tarama a
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Goat milk farm concept vector flat design. Organic farming, traditional products. Set of dairy products in different glass, plastic, paper packing, animals, wind turbine, field, garden, banner behind
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Turkish cuisine dinner with dessert and coffee symbol of stuffed eggplant, vegetable meat pie pide, turkish coffee, bread, fried feta rolls, bean stew, lentil soup, phyllo pastry with chees
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Greek cuisine healthy dishes icon of toast with cheese, olive and tomato, seafood vegetable salad, meatball with pasta, yogurt dessert, meat dolma, honey cookie, grilled zucchini with feta
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Mediterranean greek cuisine with tasty fried cheese saganaki, potatoes and fresh tomatoes, tripe soup, feta served on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, scrambled eggs with bread and cup of coffee
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Appetizing lunch icon set with meat and vegetable stews, veggies, seafood, sausage, bean and cheese salads, beef dumpling, egg pie, chicken soup, chilly rice, potato ball, corn pancake, nut dessert
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lunch meal dishes icon of pizza with salami and chilli, vegetarian spring rolls with feta, baked fish and pork steak with vegetables, cheese bread, salmon with berry sauce, shrimp stew, nettle soup
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Cartoon illustration of different cheeses. Vector pictures set cheese camembert and parmesan, ricotta and mimolette
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Rustic dishes of greek and bulgarian cuisine icons with gyro sandwiches and kebapche, various seafood, soups and vegetable salads, fried cheese, vegetarian appetizers and baklava filled with nuts and
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Refreshing salad with meat dishes icon with baked beef, pork meatloaf and lamb with vegetables and egg, ginger chicken wings, pork and chicken with fruit sauce, watermelon salad with cheese and olives
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Greek cuisine lunch menu icon set of vegetable salad with olive, cheese and seafood, meat dolma, meatball pasta, olive bread, dip sauce, fruit salad, cake, cookie, yogurt dessert, eggplant casserole
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Greek cuisine vector template for restaurant lunch menu. Traditional meat dishes, vegetable salads and soups or appetizer snacks and desserts of Greece and Mediterranean traditional food
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Greek cuisine healthy food cartoon icon. Tomato vegetable salad with feta cheese and olive, meat and spinach pie, pita bread, eggplant roll with meat, seafood rice, cabbage and grape leaf rolls dolma
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