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Overworked tired or stressed doctor sitting at computer.
A medical healthcare  doctor with  health records and medicine.  Focus to hand with pills
A comical boy student in geeky glasses writing in a book.  Please note eyeglasses are meant to distort eyes.
Labor Day background with USA rustic wooden flag, drawing blue prints and used industrial tools plus utility belt
Angel girl wearing white embroidered dress and feathered wings is holding a red and green Christmas or brithday  present.
A female investigator inspects evidence collected from a crime scene.
Research experiment in laboratory.  Focus to dropper.
Close up of Autumn seasonal foliage and corn for seasonal holidays on white rustic wooden boards
Geeky student child wearing glasses.  He is smiling and holding a notebook and oversized pencil.    PLEASE NOTE: eyeglasses are fake and are intended to make eyes look distorted.
Detective swabbing the mouth of a suspect criminal  for dna evidence.
Shopping online is easy, convenient and secure.  Smiling female using a laptop and holding a credit card or other card to buy Christmas gifts, pay bills or  banking.  All data on back of card has been
Christmas girl using a laptop to shop or browse the web online. She might also be studying chatting to friends or family  or electronic banking, etc.    She is wearing a festive santa hat and smiling.
Left border of small pumpkins on dried straw and rustic wooden boards for Autumn holiday background
Male university or college student holding a stack of books under one arm.  He is wearing a white t-shirt and has a friendly smile.
Young child holding a pink iced doughnet.   She is wearing a pink and red striped dress with little pink  heart buttons.
Scientist, biologist or other laboratory research worker prepares a glass slide for viewing under the microscope.
Boy carrying a recycling container full of empty bottles, cans, etc suitable for recycling.
Businessman standing on a plain white background.
Reverse side of Roman Republic (200-30bc) silver coin AR denarius (89bc) depicting Victory Seated. The Victoire sitting. With the epigraph, VICTRIX.
A male construction worker or other labourer holding a book and pen.  He is looking up and smiling.  White background.
A boy with a container of suitable trash for recycling.
A small cute girl with hair in ponytails is sucking on a lollipop sweet.   She is standing on a white background and looking sideways.  Space for copy.
A female forensic scientist at work.
A girl holding an eco shopping bag holding a selection of milk, eggs, bread, fruit and vegetables
Man, student or apprentice holding a notepad and pen is looking up
A relaxed female shopping online for gifts
A boy in blue t-shirt and jeans holding a ;piggy bank money box
Top view of medicine bottle filled with capsules isolated on white
nice design for orange background
Boy enjoying a healthy juice. Green health juice containing wheatgrass, barley grass and sprirulina.  A great way to cleanse and detoxify the internal organs.
A smiling man holding a chronograph wrist watch with metal bracelet.  White background.
Ripe golden onions on white background.
Male hospital worker or doctor talking on a mobile phone
Wise man arrayed in purple cloak embrodered with metallic gold thread, his hands holding an ancient clay pot filled with the best hojari frankincense resin tears from dhofar region of Oman.  The aroma
Boy in urban clothes jumping off the ground and showing some attitude.
Friendly cheerful research scientist, chemist or medical technician in laboratory.
Laboratory research worker with test tube and petri dish
F letter, Alphabet puzzle isloated on white background , with clipping path.
Chess game.  Black mates white.  Focus to white king.
Scientist, biologist, botanist or other medical or laboratory worker holding a prepared slide and thinking.  Focus to man
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