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Overworked tired or stressed doctor sitting at computer.
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Sunflower in the field shined by sun rays from back
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Stock Photo #1569094
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Blue colorful fireworks on the black sky background
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Basket with fresh fruit on wooden table
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Stock Photo #1568876
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Baby hand close up. Parenthood, family, children idea.
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Summer scene with bee on a sunflower
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Close up on elderly woman hands with golden wedding ring
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Old dusty guitar and records on the wooden flor
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Stock Photo #1568926
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Desert road in the remote Australian Outback. Tread marks can be seen imprinted in the dirt. Horizontal shot.
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Empty styling chair and hair dryer at a salon.  Vertical shot.
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A medical healthcare  doctor with  health records and medicine.  Focus to hand with pills
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A happy sporty asian male playing tennis
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An isolated shot of a beautiful asian woman drinking water after exercising
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businessman with laptop
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An isolated shot of a beautiful asian woman
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Woman sat in a yoga position meditating, isolated on a white background.
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Teacher helping students with schoolwork in school classroom. Horizontally framed shot.
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A portrait of a mother and a son using a laptop
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A comical boy student in geeky glasses writing in a book.  Please note eyeglasses are meant to distort eyes.
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An isolated shot of a beautiful asian college student carrying books
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Close up of cashew nuts in glass bowl
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A portrait of a beautiful african american woman in black and white
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Labor Day background with USA rustic wooden flag, drawing blue prints and used industrial tools plus utility belt
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Businessman sat on a chair in the corner wearing a dunce hat
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A shot of a senior asian woman knitting
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A shot of a beautiful caucasian couple kissing
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An isolated shot of an african american nurse in sitting position
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An isolated shot of a confused and puzzled businessman
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Angel girl wearing white embroidered dress and feathered wings is holding a red and green Christmas or brithday  present.
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Historic church at Venezia San Marco. Horizontal shot.
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Attractive young woman lying on a table looking over her glasses. Horizontal shot
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You are what to eat tag and Raw Organic Pears in wooden box on table on old vintage table.
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A female investigator inspects evidence collected from a crime scene.
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Portrait of beautiful smiling native american girl
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Stock Photo #865862
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Businessman in suit sitting on a bench working on a laptop. Vertical shot.
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Woman smiling holding book on head.
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