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  Preview : #1520747 Details
Health concept - pills, stethoscope, clipboard  on the wooden desk
  Preview : #1520743 Details
Workplace of doctor - stethoscope, medicine clipboard on wooden desk
  Preview : #597037 Details
Coffee cup, standing on the personal organizer, on a back background-financial diagrams . Isolated
  Preview : #1502874 Details
Male photographer with digital camera sleeping on a meadow
  Preview : #739904 Details
Image of several companions working with papers at meeting
  Preview : #1593695 Details
Mid section of man in blue suit using smartphone, close up
  Preview : #1296583 Details
Blank stationery set on wooden table background. ID template. Mock up for branding identity for designers. Responsive design mock-up. Top view.
  Preview : #1060822 Details
Male call centre worker, looking at screen, close-up
  Preview : #1157941 Details
Overhead view marble counter top with male hand holding cup of coffee with computer keyboard, cell phone, reading glasses, and bagel on plate. Work at home concept.
  Preview : #696018 Details
Portrait of three people working together in the office
  Preview : #739441 Details
Image of workplace with paper, glass of water and monitors near by
  Preview : #1225193 Details
Mature woman, wearing pink bathrobe, holding her family cat while working from home in front of large window with bright daylight and trees in background. Haze light effect applied to image.
  Preview : #1553106 Details
Young woman in an office writing on a whiteboard
  Preview : #739826 Details
Photo of confident partners handshaking at meeting after making an agreement
  Preview : #1553145 Details
Young black man in office with laptop smiling to camera
  Preview : #1588871 Details
Work colleagues having a meeting in boardroom
  Preview : #700894 Details
Successful people sharing their methods of management with business partners
  Preview : #856413 Details
Modern office building with industrial warehouse and workshop  on the rear plan
  Preview : #1588991 Details
Fired female employee holding box of belongings in an office
  Preview : #1590808 Details
Young professionals at business meeting turn to face camera
  Preview : #742884 Details
Portrait of friendly group reading book in classroom
  Preview : #1286110 Details
Open notepad, glasses, candle, pencil and beige warm plaid located on stylized wooden windowsill. Winter concept of comfort and relaxation.
  Preview : #705363 Details
Close-up of workplace with notepad, pen, eyeglasses and monitors on it
  Preview : #1286135 Details
Open notepad, magnifier glass, pillow, pencils and beige warm plaid located on stylized wooden windowsill. Winter concept of comfort and relaxation.
  Preview : #1060970 Details
Young Caucasian businessman using laptop computer at work
  Preview : #1584547 Details
Black businessman using laptop at a desk, overhead shot
  Preview : #1453430 Details
Overhead view of a working desktop consisting of computer keyboard, monitor, coffee, pencil, plant, and reading glasses.
  Preview : #1171148 Details
Carpenter working at sawmill, closeup photo
  Preview : #1060854 Details
Portrait of smiling Asian businesswoman, standing
  Preview : #698817 Details
Successful young business woman with charming confident smile on the background of her colleagues
  Preview : #1060874 Details
Smiling African American businessman, horizontal portrait
  Preview : #700502 Details
Image of business group working in the office
  Preview : #597044 Details
Coffee cup, standing on the opened daily organizer . Isolated
  Preview : #1060756 Details
Coworkers at their desks in a busy, open plan office
  Preview : #184012 Details
Businesspeople sitting at conference table looking at flat screen display.
  Preview : #1294193 Details
Responsive design template. Blank ID template on wooden table background. Template for branding identity. Mock-up for your design. Top view.
  Preview : #694328 Details
Photo of serious partners listening to successful businessman reading lecture to them during training
  Preview : #1140561 Details
cutting meat with a knife
  Preview : #741823 Details
Image of smart business people looking at their leader while he explaining something on whiteboard during seminar
  Preview : #1295071 Details
Blank stationery set on vintage wooden table background. Blank corporate identity template. Blank branding mock-up. ID template. Mockup for branding identity. Top view.
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