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  Preview : #1316867 Details
Uruguay infographics, statistical data, sights. Theater Solis, Montevideo. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1376759 Details
Thailand travelling banner. Landscape with traditional Thai landmarks. Thai god Buddha. Yoga zen. Indian, Buddhism, spiritual art, esoteric. Asian religion buddha statue with calm face. Vector
  Preview : #1286250 Details
Clipart #1286250
  Preview : #1244189 Details
Digital painting of the Ancient maze with marble walls and torches.
  Preview : #1116077 Details
vintage Buddha. statue of vintage Buddha old paper
  Preview : #905428 Details
Japan travel infographic in flat style showing traditional japanese pagoda with red roof surrounded by blossoming branch of sakura, torii gate, paper lantern, temple and bridge on green background wit
  Preview : #1286304 Details
Clipart #1286304
  Preview : #1746202 Details
Islamic mosque flat cartoon style. Ramadan kareem
  Preview : #1252734 Details
Ecuador infographics, statistical data, sights. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1384687 Details
Priest profession with  mature man, surrounded by the Bible and gold cross, bowl and candelabra, icon and church or temple
  Preview : #1267288 Details
Religion infographics. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1286216 Details
Clipart #1286216
  Preview : #1760909 Details
Tibetan monk seamless pattern. Buddhist Tibet ornament. novice monastery in burgundy dress. Rosary prayer. Recluse texture. Nirvana and enlightenment
  Preview : #1244238 Details
Digital painting of the hieroglyphics on the walls of Egyptian temple
  Preview : #1405199 Details
Welcome to UAE. United Arab Emirates travelling banner on photo in the suitcase. Landscape with traditional arabic landmarks. Going to vacation. Part of series of travelling around the world. Vector
  Preview : #1759325 Details
Holy water in bottle. Religious symbol. Magic liquid
  Preview : #846546 Details
Vector illustration church on white background is insulated
  Preview : #753922 Details
Sketch historic buildings, vector vintage background eps 10
  Preview : #1775482 Details
Clipart #1775482
  Preview : #541004 Details
Japan Gate calligraphy. Abstract symbol of hand-drawn
  Preview : #514183 Details
Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Mayan Serpent
  Preview : #1407241 Details
Ancient buddhist and hindu temples of Indonesia and Vietnam icons with Borobudur and Pura Pulaki Temples, Pura Besakih, Tanah Lot, Rambut Siwi and Petitenget Temples, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda. Thin line sty
  Preview : #1635868 Details
Bouquet of two decorative flowers anthurium on white background.
  Preview : #647941 Details
Abstract image of the crucifixion on the background of the church. The illustration on a white background.
  Preview : #1743487 Details
Greek Column Seamless Pattern on Green Background
  Preview : #1814405 Details
Chureito pagoda landscape vector japan emblem. Colored sketch of Fuji mountain panorama with pagoda temple
  Preview : #1228944 Details
Cityscape graphic template. Modern city architecture. Vector illustration of Buddhist temple, stupa. City constructor. Template with place for text. Outline version
  Preview : #1013553 Details
Capitol Icon Isolated on Blue Background. Long Shadow.
  Preview : #609741 Details
Isolated illustration of a deconstructed Greek Temple
  Preview : #1286165 Details
Clipart #1286165
  Preview : #413551 Details
Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Sketch of Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  Preview : #1193622 Details
Candle on the background of the dome of the Cathedral, a religious symbol
  Preview : #1252852 Details
China landmarks. Retro styled image. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1253450 Details
Ukraine infographics, statistical data, sights. Vector illustration
  Preview : #1775484 Details
Clipart #1775484
  Preview : #1286361 Details
Clipart #1286361
  Preview : #1221936 Details
Set famous Indian architectural attractions. Tadj mahal, Lotus temple, Buddha Statue, ancient palace flat style design vector illustrations. Summer vacation in India concept.
  Preview : #1286286 Details
Clipart #1286286
  Preview : #1286351 Details
Clipart #1286351
  Preview : #1821589 Details
Daruma Japanese traditional doll, which embodies Bodhidharma in Japanese syncretic mythology. Deity, brings happiness.
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