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  Preview : #1504067 Details
Young female toddler knocking down a tower of wooden blocks at home spelling Obamacare
  Preview : #1298620 Details
Electrician changing halogen lamp in ceiling light in room
  Preview : #182721 Details
Royalty Free Photo of a Vehicle Broken Down Along the Roadside With a Damaged Tire Needing Replacement
  Preview : #1504112 Details
Senior caucasian doctor in scrubs in hospital refusing to treat a patient with a Medicare card
  Preview : #1580751 Details
View of a car disc brake and pneumatic air screwdriver on the ground during tyre replacement. Car maintenance.
  Preview : #804845 Details
Horizontal photo of a large nylon paint brush on top of new wood board showing cedar stain color next to faded wood on outdoor deck
  Preview : #805762 Details
Closeup horizontal photo of exposed car brake drum and brakes inside of wheel well
  Preview : #1392727 Details
Dismantled box car transmissions. The gears on the shaft of a mechanical transmission.
  Preview : #1387959 Details
Wheel replacement on new black SUV car, jack holds the body in the raised position
  Preview : #637339 Details
Roller and timing belt isolated on white
  Preview : #1504108 Details
Senior caucasian doctor in scrubs in hospital refusing to treat a patient with a Medicaid card
  Preview : #804880 Details
Horizontal photo of old hammer and pry bar next to rotting wood on cedar wooden deck
  Preview : #1330659 Details
The slope of the roof of reeds and straw. Ancient building materials.
  Preview : #1041747 Details
pads car
  Preview : #579028 Details
Horizontal photo hands taking of glass lid of ceiling lights- incandescent type- with one bulb burnt out and one working
  Preview : #904018 Details
Air automobile yellow filter isolated on white background.
  Preview : #762565 Details
Photo of burned out flood light in recessed ceiling mount being removed by female hand
  Preview : #468982 Details
Royalty Free Photo of an Exposed Broken High Voltage Cable
  Preview : #1387957 Details
Replacing wheel on modern car, close up front photo of rotor disk with brake and spring, selective focus
  Preview : #1504070 Details
Senior caucasian doctor in scrubs refusing entry  for treatment and isolated against white background
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