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  Preview : #1123705 Details
Autumn Seamless pattern on a yellow background
  Preview : #1608200 Details
Ripe vegetables chalk sketch on blackboard. Menu chalkboard with carrot, pepper, onion and zucchini, cabbage and cucumber, potato and beet, chinese cabbage and kohlrabi, squash and scallion
  Preview : #1384803 Details
Bright young spring carrot, tomato, radish and onion, cucumber and potato, corn and garlic, eggplant, cauliflower and beet vegetables. Isolated sketches for recipe book or vegetarian menu
  Preview : #603655 Details
Frame strawberries, file EPS.8 illustration.
  Preview : #1752838 Details
Red grape fruit isolated sketch. Bunch of ripe grape with pink berry for wine drink label, organic vineyard harvest symbol, healthy food and winery themes design
  Preview : #1407086 Details
Southeast asian exotic fruits cartoon characters of whole and halves green feijoa, purple passionfruit and spiny durian with happy faces. Tropical cocktail menu or vegetarian dessert recipe design
  Preview : #738447 Details
Smiling happy purple eggplant with a green stalk for use as a cooking ingredient in vegetarian cuisine, cartoon vector illustration
  Preview : #1385716 Details
Farm grown fresh green cabbage and cucumber, ripe potatoes, beetroots and eggplants, red tomatoes and cayenne pepper, sweet corn, carrot and bell pepper, pungent garlics and onions vegetables. Healthy
  Preview : #1382168 Details
Cob of sweet corn, white daikon radish and violet eggplant vegetables cartoon characters with fresh green leaves for vegetarian food or agriculture design
  Preview : #1409269 Details
Sketch of tropical dragon fruit. Exotic pink pitahaya fruit with green leaves on the top. Tropical cocktail recipe, juice packaging design
  Preview : #1381941 Details
Healthy organic purple eggplant vegetables with smooth and shiny skin and green leafy stems. For agriculture or vegetarian food themes design
  Preview : #1383867 Details
Happy funky ripe purple cartoon eggplant or aubergine sticking out its tongue with a second plain variant with no face or arms. Vector illustration isolated on white
  Preview : #1384823 Details
Farm onion and potato, cucumbers and pumpkin, tomato, chilli and bell peppers, eggplant and sweet corn, cabbage and radish vegetables. Retro sketches for harvest, recipe book, vegetarian menu design
  Preview : #805249 Details
Lemon fruit symbol in cartoon sketch style, vector illustration
  Preview : #1623156 Details
Price tag or cards for fruit and berry. Sale label with blackberry or blueberry, bilberry and whortleberry, huckleberry, cherry and raspberry, apple and plum, strawberry and gooseberry, redcurrant and
  Preview : #738655 Details
Cartoon vector illustration of a cheeky happy smiling yellow lemon fruit isolated on white
  Preview : #1709695 Details
Guava fruit isolated sketch. Whole and half of fresh tropical guava fruit with green peel and pink pulp with seeds. Juice label, fruit drink and cocktail menu, food packaging design
  Preview : #1123699 Details
Autumn Seamless pattern on a yellow background
  Preview : #1385079 Details
Fresh farm harvested oranges and banana, apple and mango, pineapple and peach, pear and grape, watermelon and lemons, avocado and kiwi, plum and melon fruits. For agriculture harvest, kitchen interior
  Preview : #1408846 Details
Ripe pomegranate fruits with leaves icon of open red pomegranate with sweet juicy seeds. Food and juice packaging, vegetarian dessert design
  Preview : #1407087 Details
Autumnal ripe vegetables colored sketch icons for organic farming design with orange pumpkin and carrot, sweet corn, bell pepper and beet, tomato and potato, cayenne pepper and eggplant, onion, cabbag
  Preview : #1409262 Details
Fresh peach fruit sketch. Ripe orange peach with green leaf for juice packaging, vegetarian fruity dessert, farm market design
  Preview : #1381898 Details
Cartoon red ripe tomato character with and without face, for agriculture or food themes
  Preview : #1409203 Details
Fresh cos lettuce icon with bunch of romaine lettuce with green leaves. Organic farming, vegetarian salad recipe, food packaging design
  Preview : #1408835 Details
Healthy vegetables in a shape of cutting board with fresh tomato, broccoli, radish, corn, garlic and pumpkin vegetables. Healthy vegetarian food, organic farming, farm market design
  Preview : #1409283 Details
Sketch of watermelon fruit. Striped green watermelon with sweet juicy slice of red flesh. Healthy vegetarian dessert, summer treats, agriculture themes design
  Preview : #1408826 Details
Ripe squash vegetable icon of winter butternut squash with orange and dark green strips. Fresh vegetables cartoon poster for agriculture theme, farm market or vegetarian menu design
  Preview : #1408679 Details
Seamless pattern of tropical pineapple, mango and kiwi, purple grape, peach, pomegranate fruits on white background. Food packaging or exotic cocktail menu design
  Preview : #1385613 Details
Cartoon glossy violet eggplants vegetables under caps of green stalks. Fresh harvested aubergines characters with happy faces for kids menu, vegetarian dishes recipe or interior design
  Preview : #1709749 Details
Pear fruit sketch. Sweet juicy green pear with fresh leaf isolated icon for farm market label, fruit drink, dessert or juice menu design
  Preview : #1385610 Details
Chinese king of fruits durian cartoon character. Oriental fruit with overpower odour and funny spikes design for organic farming or vegetarian nutrition theme
  Preview : #1407444 Details
Sketched exotic lychee, carambola and durian, fragrant papaya, guava and passion fruit, sweet fig, feijoa and dragon fruits symbols. Kitchen accessories or interior design
  Preview : #1407237 Details
Abstract 3D polygonal tropical fragrant papaya, ripe green feijoa and red lychee fruits. Low poly stylized organic healthy fruits for juice pack or fruity desserts recipe design
  Preview : #1408877 Details
Natural fruits icon with sketched apple, orange, grape, pineapple, plum, pear, mango, kiwi and pomegranate fruits. Vegetarian dessert, juice or cocktail menu design
  Preview : #1407142 Details
Vivid seamless organic farm grown vegetables pattern background with tomatoes and eggplants, pumpkins and corn cobs, peas and garlics, onions and radishes, asparagus and cauliflowers, chinese cabbages
  Preview : #1732104 Details
Salad leaf and vegetables sketches. Lettuce, chinese cabbage, spinach and oakleaf lettuce, arugula, corn salad, pak choy and chicory, radicchio snd batavia, sorrel, watercress, chard
  Preview : #1407432 Details
Fresh sweet corn and beetroots, bell pepper and carrot, tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes, green cabbage and cucumber, spicy chilli pepper and heads of garlics colored sketches for recipe book design
  Preview : #739220 Details
Cute little green cartoon pear with a big toothy smile isolated on white for health food concept
  Preview : #1408643 Details
Ripe autumn vegetables seamless pattern background with tomato, onion, corn, eggplant, beet, zucchini, pumpkin and cabbage vegetables. Organic farming or agriculture themes design
  Preview : #1407166 Details
Sweet flavorful tropical mango and banana, pineapple and oranges, avocado, kiwis and lemons, selected garden apple, peach and grapes, pear, plum and apricot, ripe melon and watermelon fruits sketches
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