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  Preview : #215892 Details
Royalty Free Photo of Decorated Christmas Greenery
  Preview : #604731 Details
wreath of fir branches isolated on white background
  Preview : #1385088 Details
Wooden decorative fir-tree decoration on Christmas background
  Preview : #1373258 Details
Christmas seasonal decorations Background in circle border
  Preview : #1399884 Details
Christmas holiday gingerbread cookies and evergreen branches on rustic red wood. Vertical format.
  Preview : #1574873 Details
Snowy Christmas tree branches, candy canes and red ornaments forming vertical borders on rustic white wood
  Preview : #1573127 Details
Christmas snowy tree branches and red ornaments forming circular border on rustic white wood
  Preview : #1153411 Details
Fresh green palm leaves in the sunshine. Tropical nature background
  Preview : #1572390 Details
Juniper. Juniperus communis. The branches of a juniper. Juniper berries. Close-up. Garden. Vertical
  Preview : #1223791 Details
Fall in Jasper National Park, Canada. The path on the banks of shoaled Medicine Lake
  Preview : #1025725 Details
Closeup of pine branches
  Preview : #842531 Details
Stock Photo #842531
  Preview : #867192 Details
barberry on the tree in nature
  Preview : #1117240 Details
Traditional Christmas decoration made of straw
  Preview : #1054762 Details
Closeup of pine stem in forest
  Preview : #1504882 Details
Decorations New Year tree. Tinsel and toys, balls and other decorations on the Christmas Christmas tree standing in the open air.
  Preview : #1153311 Details
Closeup photo of fresh green geranium leaf isolated on white
  Preview : #1258521 Details
Beautiful green coniferous tree in nature
  Preview : #669500 Details
 A picturesque snag at coast of transparent lake
  Preview : #1556392 Details
Snowy winter in the Arctic. At the bus stop is a large snowdrift. Travel to Lapland. Winter fairy tale in a sunny frosty day. The concept of active and extreme tourism
  Preview : #1441374 Details
Closeup dry tree saw cut. Old dead tree texture.
  Preview : #765770 Details
Stock Photo #765770
  Preview : #445187 Details
pines in snow on celestial background
  Preview : #170498 Details
Stock Photo #170498
  Preview : #786272 Details
coniferous tree branch in nature
  Preview : #605112 Details
Green branch of the pine tree. Close up photo.
  Preview : #1504813 Details
Night Christmas toys. Dressed Christmas tree on the street.
  Preview : #838615 Details
Beautiful branch of a coniferous tree in nature
  Preview : #1321230 Details
Purple flowers field background close-up 18382
  Preview : #600250 Details
Christmas decoration-glass  ball on fir branches.Isolated
  Preview : #1473124 Details
Red car, cone and ball, decorations on faux christmas tree
  Preview : #784134 Details
trunk of a tree in nature
  Preview : #809428 Details
 Two wooden chairs - on a wooden platform. Charming rural idyll. Clouds reflected in the smooth water of the river. A comfortable place to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.
  Preview : #1347963 Details
spruce branches on a nature background
  Preview : #621525 Details
number five of the pine nuts on a white background
  Preview : #1373337 Details
Overhead view of a festive Christmas dinner setting with red berry decorations, Santa cap, evergreen branches and present on top of rustic wood
  Preview : #178530 Details
Royalty Free Photo of a Snowy Scene in a Suburb With Evergreen Trees and a Dead End Road Sign
  Preview : #1550166 Details
Fir tree branch
  Preview : #587603 Details
 Reflections of snow-capped peaks and coastal trees in city park pond.  Chamonix - a famous ski resort in the French Alps
  Preview : #614945 Details
thuja on white background. macro
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