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  Preview : #1295168 Details
Texture of old stone wall of large boulders.
  Preview : #794535 Details
The huge area and stately royal palace in Madrid
  Preview : #444328 Details
old agricultural mechanisms
  Preview : #1049160 Details
pavement of stone pavers as a background
  Preview : #447183 Details
gray brick building on rural street
  Preview : #873473 Details
rain puddle on paving stone urban square
  Preview : #1074600 Details
dirty  stone in italy white gray rock surface  mineral and texture
  Preview : #882466 Details
little planet - spherical view of cobblestone pavement in Beacon Hill, Boston, USA isolated on white background
  Preview : #1530758 Details
Worker puts sidewalk tile on the road .
  Preview : #601765 Details
Small square in the minor Spanish town Calella. Spain.
  Preview : #621257 Details
background of stones
  Preview : #595130 Details
Narrow stone alley in Chartres. France
  Preview : #877531 Details
stone ruins in desert valley in Petra, Jordan
  Preview : #1179370 Details
dirty     stone in italy white gray rock surface  mineral and texture
  Preview : #1222440 Details
Dark gray stone urban floor pavement, background photo texture
  Preview : #635077 Details
Rectangular Paving Slabs, Sidewalk Coverage. Seamless Tileable Texture. .
  Preview : #1601204 Details
Streets And Old Town Architecture Estonian Capital, Tallinn, Estonia
  Preview : #1284014 Details
Red honeycomb cobblestone pattern, street pavement background texture
  Preview : #1222514 Details
Round element of granite cobblestone road. Background texture
  Preview : #594952 Details
Christmas Windows grocery store in Bayeux. Normandy. France
  Preview : #1031847 Details
red tile in morocco africa texture abstract wall brick
  Preview : #995183 Details
Paving stones street texture
  Preview : #904028 Details
Seamless rough medieval  stone wall background.
  Preview : #1222188 Details
Background texture of old wet granite cobblestone road
  Preview : #152310 Details
Stock Photo #152310
  Preview : #873146 Details
view of lenin mausoleum and kremlin wall on red square in Moscow
  Preview : #1222187 Details
Background texture of gray city cobblestone road
  Preview : #1222420 Details
Wet red square floor tiling, background photo texture
  Preview : #726654 Details
sea shore and sun near horizon
  Preview : #1347253 Details
paving on the road as a background
  Preview : #901494 Details
Nuremberg Castle with blue sky and trees
  Preview : #1300697 Details
 in the white and gray oman      dry bush rock alone blurred
  Preview : #1598942 Details
Unusual floor with pattern from pebbles, brick and rusty metal details in the park Montjuic, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
  Preview : #600827 Details
Texture of laying rocks. Background.
  Preview : #298407 Details
Balanced stone stack or tower isolated over white background
  Preview : #876709 Details
Cathedral, the Baptistery on Piazza del Duomo, Parma, Italy
  Preview : #876900 Details
tower of The Castle Estense in Ferrara, Italy
  Preview : #1347255 Details
paving on the road as a background
  Preview : #415963 Details
Royalty Free Photo of a Brick Wall
  Preview : #1629127 Details
Astrophotography, starry sky shines at night. Vintage retro travel image of a narrow medieval street in old town Riga
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