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  Preview : #1794262 Details
Chalkboard bakery cafe menu. Drawing bread or baguette, label and emblem for bakery with bread. Vector illustration template
  Preview : #806190 Details
Bakery flat icons set isolated on background for infographics, cafe, restaurant or pastry menu design
  Preview : #738991 Details
Seamless repeat pattern of a French baguette and an ear of ripe golden wheat on a brown background in square format, vector design
  Preview : #1091428 Details
Bakery shop sign with fresh french baguette framed by ribbon banner with text and toque on the top. In orange, red and gray variations
  Preview : #333853 Details
Royalty Free Clipart Image of a Baker With a French Stick
  Preview : #751781 Details
Freshly baled smiling loaf of brown bread with a happy fac, cartoon illustration isolated on white
  Preview : #1030766 Details
crispy croissant with the broken chocolate filling vector illustration isolated on white background
  Preview : #650291 Details
7 old styled houses
  Preview : #576888 Details
Loaf Of Bread Icon
  Preview : #739064 Details
Bouncing happy loaf of fresh white bread with a big smile and shadow in cartoon style
  Preview : #1408325 Details
Bakery products seamless background. Wallpaper with vector pattern of croissant, sliced bread, baguette, muffin, bun, loaf, pretzel, bagel, pie for patisserie, cafe bakery pastry shop
  Preview : #1221684 Details
Bakery Seamless Pattern. Food Background. Fresh Baked Products
  Preview : #992246 Details
Cartoon baguette bread character isolated on white, for bakery or pastry shop design
  Preview : #1116867 Details
Bakery and pastry icons in sketch style with round loaf of rye bread encircled by long loaf, toasts, french baguette, salty pretzel and sweet cookie, donut, croissant and bun
  Preview : #755627 Details
Cartoon breads with happy smiling faces with a baguette, croissant, loaf of white bread, bagel, toast and plaited crusty loaf isolated on white
  Preview : #1493360 Details
Bread isolated icon set with wheat and rye bread, long loaf, baguette, croissant, cupcake, sweet bun, toast, bagel, cookie, glazed roll, flour bag, cereal ear, rolling pin and cutting board
  Preview : #1569771 Details
Bakery shop emblem in shape of bread loaf with vector sketch elements of bread and bakery products wheat and rye bread bricks and bagels, pretzel, fresh baked bun on brown background
  Preview : #751589 Details
Crusty long golden French baguette with a happy cartoon smiling face with a second plain variation with a separate smiley face element
  Preview : #754859 Details
Illustration Featuring a Basket of Baguette
  Preview : #1409324 Details
Bread loaf icon for bakery shop emblem. Round rye bread bun. Vector color pencil sketch
  Preview : #1795034 Details
France background design.
  Preview : #921555 Details
Fresh bakery products in cartoon style including sweet cake, croissant, wheat and rye bread loaves, pretzel, sliced toast bread and baguette for baker shop or food market design
  Preview : #1795013 Details
France icons set. French traditional symbols and objects.
  Preview : #1408684 Details
Fresh bread seamless pattern with appetizing baguette, long loaf, rye bread, cupcake, croissant, muffin, cinnamon roll, pretzel and braided bun with poppy seeds. Bakery and pastry shop design
  Preview : #1795036 Details
France banner design. French traditional sticker symbols and objects.
  Preview : #1795031 Details
France seamless pattern. French traditional sticker symbols and objects.
  Preview : #1639081 Details
Bread house banners of sketched wheat rye brick and braided bagel, pretzel, long loaf and cinnamon roll bun, muffin dessert and wheat toast bread, chocolate cupcake, sweet pie or cake and croissant. V
  Preview : #1752500 Details
Bakery shop poster of bread. Vector design of buns, loafs of wheat and toast bread slices, baked rye bread baguette and bannocks or croissant and bagel with baker rolling pin and flour bag
  Preview : #1607828 Details
Clipart #1607828
  Preview : #1607754 Details
Clipart #1607754
  Preview : #1025505 Details
Fun snail
  Preview : #1385670 Details
Seamless cartoon fresh baked bread pattern with butter cupcakes, croissants and sweet pretzels, healthfull dark rye and multigrain bread loaves, french baguettes and toasts on white background
  Preview : #905420 Details
Cartoon fresh bakery products design elements depicting loaves of white and brown bread, long loaves, baguette and sweet cinnamon bun, croissants, plaited loaves with poppy seeds, cake with raisins an
  Preview : #1030772 Details
set icons of fresh crispy croissants with jam chocolate and cream vector illustration isolated on white background
  Preview : #1594789 Details
Clipart #1594789
  Preview : #1594837 Details
Clipart #1594837
  Preview : #1752595 Details
Bread and bun watercolor set. Wheat and rye bread, french baguette and croissant, cupcake, sweet bun, cinnamon roll, toast and italian ciabatta. Bakery product hand drawn illustration for food design
  Preview : #1473469 Details
Bakery symbol in shape of heart. Bakery shop vector sign of wheat and rye bread loaf, bagel, croissant, pretzel, sweet bun, flour sack, chocolate cake
  Preview : #1795027 Details
France background design. French traditional symbols and objects.
  Preview : #1165648 Details
Bread design flat isolated white. Bakery and bread isolated, food healthy, meal loaf and toast breakfast, nutrition bake and baguette natural and snack cereal, lunch culinary, vector illustration
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