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  Preview : #287219 Details
close up portrait of green-eyed cat
  Preview : #329245 Details
Service bell ring on wooden background
  Preview : #473331 Details
An Angry cat close up - pet picture
  Preview : #1576357 Details
Teacher reading book to elementary school children in class
  Preview : #1050695 Details
A dog with interest looks into the camera. Portrait with wide angle
  Preview : #1585281 Details
Teacher helping young students using laptops in class
  Preview : #1594010 Details
Girl baseball team kneeling in a huddle with their coach
  Preview : #1595727 Details
A class of infant school children sitting on chairs in a circle in the classroom, raising hands with their female teacher, close up
  Preview : #1327486 Details
Primary school teacher with a schoolgirl in class, close up
  Preview : #700894 Details
Successful people sharing their methods of management with business partners
  Preview : #701854 Details
Row of writing human hands
  Preview : #1452607 Details
Business colleagues at a meeting in boardroom, close up
  Preview : #1594006 Details
Girl baseball team in a team huddle listening to the coach
  Preview : #1585340 Details
Teacher presenting to high school science pupils, high angle
  Preview : #322863 Details
Empty Yellow Sign, attention and alert sign.
  Preview : #1022635 Details
Roundabout crossroad road traffic sign, blue, white arrows right hand
  Preview : #700764 Details
Photo of several employees during presentation with focus on their leader
  Preview : #1588868 Details
Black male manager stands talking at a business meeting
  Preview : #1011904 Details
A portrait of a cute black poodle puppy with expressive eyes on a green grassy lawn.
  Preview : #1436776 Details
Portrait of a cute girl, isolated over white
  Preview : #740355 Details
Portrait of pupils looking at the laptop with teacher near by
  Preview : #1117107 Details
Sign on the road- Children crossing
  Preview : #700813 Details
Confident woman pointing at diagram in manís hand while the latter looking at her
  Preview : #701674 Details
Portrait of attentive boy looking at grandfather while the latter telling something
  Preview : #965736 Details
Senior student in class
  Preview : #812105 Details
Portrait of a young attractive woman wearing doctor uniform and pointing up with forefinger, isolated over white
  Preview : #387146 Details
billboard in a public park background
  Preview : #703231 Details
Image of cute kid showing something to his parents in shop while they looking at it with smiles
  Preview : #1066895 Details
Strange adult man holds a spoon on his nose in office room
  Preview : #700505 Details
Image of smart work group staring at display of computer attentively
  Preview : #695746 Details
Close-up of young man looking at notepad in femaleís hand
  Preview : #1436761 Details
Portrait of a cute girl, isolated over white
  Preview : #701481 Details
Confident business people are working together at meeting
  Preview : #696583 Details
Team of professionals are sitting at a table and listening to a lecture
  Preview : #1553234 Details
Young black woman stands addressing colleagues at meeting
  Preview : #914098 Details
Stop Asthma  - Red Sign Painted - Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background
  Preview : #1436753 Details
Portrait of a cute little girl, isolated over white
  Preview : #912598 Details
Stop COPD - Red Sign Painted - Open Hand Raised, Isolated on White Background.
  Preview : #741975 Details
Two companions discussing new business strategy at meeting
  Preview : #1371266 Details
Students photographing big screen with phones, back view
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