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  Preview : #1430692 Details
Pair of horses and carriage in front of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria
  Preview : #1504067 Details
Young female toddler knocking down a tower of wooden blocks at home spelling Obamacare
  Preview : #1430683 Details
Lady hand dunking camomile or chamomile teabag in glass mug on cafe table
  Preview : #1430759 Details
Fresh blueberries inn a box taken in macro close up
  Preview : #1430762 Details
Wind blows the USA flag of stars and stripes with eagle flagpole against blue sky late in the afternoon as sun sets
  Preview : #1540603 Details
Young caucasian female toddler looking seriously at the camera with strong backlighting
  Preview : #1430767 Details
Macro images of xmas decoration on Christmas tree illuminated by lights
  Preview : #1625659 Details
Old stone plaster and painted homes in narrow street in Appledore, Devon
  Preview : #1431483 Details
Dramatic powerful waves break over beach with stack of surfboards ready to go on beach at Lumaha'i, Kauai, Hawaii
  Preview : #1484924 Details
Concept image for cloud computing and online applications showing modern smartphone held in male hand up to sky
  Preview : #1431991 Details
Panorama of the autumn fall colors surrounding Cheat Lake near Morgantown, West Virginia
  Preview : #1431209 Details
Remains of pillars of old Roman Temple in center of Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain
  Preview : #1432041 Details
Laptop or PC computer keyboard with letter spelling Voter Fraud highlighted in red illustrating potential vote errors with illegal votes and need for recount
  Preview : #1431612 Details
Empty room with windows inside Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, West Virginia, USA
  Preview : #1431697 Details
High Falls of Cheat waterfall on Shavers Fork is accessible via the train trip from Elkins WV
  Preview : #1431421 Details
View into the Grand Canyon of the Pacific or Waimea Canyon island of Kauai in the Hawaiian islands
  Preview : #1430968 Details
Glass jar on white background with black chalk label or panel and used for saving of US dollar bills for car expenses
  Preview : #1430654 Details
Motion blur clouds illustrating time moving quickly past  dome of Capitol senate building in Washington DC
  Preview : #1430998 Details
Cutting the cable connection to coax connector illustrating people cancelling cable TV service
  Preview : #1431214 Details
Flowers in plant pots in the Palace of Viana in Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain
  Preview : #1540591 Details
Small and lonely caucasian baby girl or toddler standing inside empty old wooden cabin to suggest poverty or recession
  Preview : #1430749 Details
Close up detail of the shapes in the rusty paintwork of hinge on wooden door
  Preview : #1461372 Details
Pair of old wooden cartwheels against a ruined wood cart or buggy in farm forest
  Preview : #1558931 Details
Male and female caucasian couple paddling a yellow canoe on a very calm morning on tree lined lake
  Preview : #1625615 Details
Statue and fountain outside Church of Santo Tomas in old city of Valencia in Spain
  Preview : #1461088 Details
Statue and fountain in courtyard of town hall in the medieval town of Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany
  Preview : #1461320 Details
Sailing into Doubtful Sound on South Island of New Zealand aboard a cruise ship showing strong headwinds coming towards the ship
  Preview : #1430950 Details
Male caucasian hand holding pen above USA tax form 1040 for year 2014  and calculator illustrating completion of tax forms for the IRS
  Preview : #1484835 Details
Senior male caucasian doctor with stethoscope in medical scrubs and holding clipboard for message with pencil for emphasis
  Preview : #1563537 Details
Reflection of Washington Monument at sunset in the polished top of a marble bench
  Preview : #1431606 Details
Telecoms wiring panel for telephones PBX or for ethernet internet cabling
  Preview : #1460816 Details
Caucasian female hand pressing button on a modern electronic thermostat timer on wall of a modern home with focus on the screen and fingers of the woman
  Preview : #1558934 Details
Male and female caucasian couple paddling a yellow canoe on a very calm morning on tree lined lake
  Preview : #1460853 Details
Silhouette of sea oats plant and leaves against the rising sun in South Florida beach
  Preview : #1556795 Details
Black lava rocks line the shore at Keanae on the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii
  Preview : #1558910 Details
Hanalei Valley on island of Kauai with focus on Taro plants and mountains in background near Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, United States of America
  Preview : #1431978 Details
Depressed and weeping voter outside  an early voting ballot location for the 2016 USA Presidential election after making his choice
  Preview : #1504138 Details
Senior male doctor or vet checking the condition of a large pink piggy bank to illustrate savings or retirement
  Preview : #1432118 Details
Six beer bottles in cardboard container with gold caps with side of carrier facing camera
  Preview : #1504112 Details
Senior caucasian doctor in scrubs in hospital refusing to treat a patient with a Medicare card
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